Taking Care of your Jewellery

Author: Denise Taylor   Date Posted:7 December 2015 

Your jewellery will last and look it's best longer with simple, regular care.

What causes jewellery to dull, tarnish or look dirty?
Jewellery can be tarnished by contact with skin, air and perfume. The chemical composition of skin varies from person to person. Those with very acidic skin often find that the plating on metal can be eroded and silver or even gold severely tarnished. The air also contains chemicals that can tarnish jewellery and dust makes jewellery dirty. Perfume can damage pearls and cause metal to tarnish and glass to dull.

What is the best way to clean jewellery?
All jewellery should be wiped over regularly with a jewellery cleaning cloth or a soft cloth (eg an old singlet) that has been washed. Pearls should, ideally, be wiped over after each wear. If simple cleaning with a jewellery or soft cloth is not effective metal, gold and silver can be cleaned with commercial jewellery cleaning products specific to the metal type.

What is the best way to store jewellery?
All jewellery should be stored in a container, drawer or cupboard away from dust. Jewellery is best kept in a container that allows it to retain its shape and not be tangled, bent or stretched. Silver or gold plated and silver jewellery is best stored in a zip lock plastic bag to protect it from chemicals in the air.

What products are available to help protect jewellery?
We have two items in our range to help protect your jewellery​

Jewellery Shield
A simple product to paint onto your finished pieces to provide a barrier between your skin and jewellery.

Shine Rite Anti Tarnish Strips
A 1 inch square strip to store with favourite piece, which will absorb the moisture in the zip lock bag you have the piece and strip stored in, thus reducing the chance of tarnish marks forming.

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