Author: Denise Taylor   Date Posted:1 January 2018 

At Banjos Bead House we welcome businesses to become wholesale customers. 

Banjos Bead House is committed to supporting jewellery making businesses, dressmakers and other professional businesses that use beads and findings in their products. We offer wholesale pricing to customers who have a registered jewellery making, dressmaking or other related business. Our criteria for identifying a customer as a business is that they have an ABN and an established on line store or can demonstrate how they are selling their jewellery.


Information about wholesale customer Terms and Conditions will be forwarded upon receipt of Wholesale Customer application.


Application Form – Wholesale Customer

To apply to be a wholesale customer please complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Register as a customer on the Banjos Bead House website completing all information requested: www.banjosbeadhouse.com.au

Step 2:

Complete the following information and email to: lynda@banjosbeadhouse.com.au

Advising or your request to register as a wholesale customer:


Name of business    


Name of Business owner:


Business postal address


Business  phone/mobile number


Business owner phone/mobile number


Business email           


Business ABN:


Business website