Spodumene / Apodumene

Spodumene, commonly known as "apodumene," is a mineral revered for its striking appearance and diverse color spectrum. From pristine white to vivid greens and enchanting purples, its hues enchant collectors and gem enthusiasts alike. Renowned for its prismatic crystal structure, spodumene's clarity and brilliance make it a favorite among lapidarists for crafting exquisite gemstones. Beyond its aesthetic allure, spodumene holds industrial significance, particularly in the production of lithium, a vital component in batteries and ceramics. This mineral's multifaceted nature, both visually and industrially, underscores its importance in various realms, blending beauty with functionality in a harmonious geological symphony.

6mm x 11mm Apodumene Irregular Rondelle Beads - 19cm Strand

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