Frequently Asked Questions

Backorder - Why are so many products listed as Backorder?

We have taken a catalogue approach to our website making available many more products than we are able to physically hold in our retail store. If you are interested in a product that is listed as Backorder please contact us to find our when we are likely to be placing our next order with the supplier of that product. 


Backorder - How do I order a product listed as Backorder?

You can order a product listed as Backorder in the same way that you order any other product - simply add to cart. Please note that if you place products listed as Backorder along with in stock products in the same order we may need to hold your order until all of the Backorder products arrive in store. It is always better to place Backorder products in a separate order.


Credit - I have a credit on my account. How do I use my credit at Checkout? 

When you get to the checkout in option 3 Payment Details you will see a heading Available Account Credit, in the box under this you will see your current credit amount and below that you will see Apply Credit, type in the amount of credit you wish to use and then select your payment method (ie Paypal, MasterCard etc). Once your payment method has been selected the credit amount will be deducted from the payment required.