Frequently Asked Questions

Backorder - Why are so many products listed as Backorder?

We have taken a catalogue approach to our website making available many more products than we are able to physically hold in our retail store. If you are interested in a product that is listed as Backorder please contact us to find out when we are likely to be placing our next order with the supplier of that product. 


Backorder - How do I order a product listed as Backorder?

You can order a product listed as Backorder in the same way that you order any other product - simply add to cart. Please note that if you place products listed as Backorder along with in stock products in the same order we will need to hold your order until all of the Backorder products arrive in store as only one lot of postage has been paid for the entire order. In such cases, after we have picked your order we will email you to advise of the estimated time of arrival of your Backorder items. Should you wish us to split your order and have the in stock items sent straight away you will need to pay post for your Backorder items when they arrive or have them shipped with your next order.

It is always better to place Backorder products in a separate order.

For more information please visit our Backorders page:


Credit - I have a credit on my account. How do I use my credit at Checkout? 

You need to be logged into your account for your credit to appear. When you finish shopping open the cart, select Checkout , on the Checkout Screen you should see Returning customer? Login - centre of page to the right of 1. Billing Information and to the left of Order Summary - see screen shot below. Click on Login, Once you are logged in you should have the option to use your account credit in 3. Payment Details
in 3. Payment Details you will see a heading Available Account Credit, in the box under this you will see your current credit amount and below that you will see Apply Credit, type in the amount of credit you wish to use and then select your payment method (ie Paypal, MasterCard etc). Once your payment method has been selected the credit amount will be deducted from the payment required.


Gift Voucher - I have a gift voucher. How do I use my Gift Voucher at Checkout

In the email advising you have been a voucher you will receive a Voucher Code and a Secret Code. 

You need to be logged into your account to use your voucher. When you finish shopping and go to checkout: in 3. Payment Details you will see a heading +Redeem voucher, click on this and you will be taken to a screen that will ask you to enter your Voucher Code and your Secret Code. The voucher amount will then be applied to your purchase. If you do not use the full amount the balance will be applied as a credit on your account.


Tracking - How do I track my Order?

BBH uses trackable postage and advises customers of Australia Post tracking details in the Order on the Way email sent at the time of dispatch. This email contains a copy of your invoice and a clickable link to Australia Post for you to be able to track your order. 

Parcels are scanned by Australia Post upon receipt. Customers should contact Australia Post directly in regards to shipping progress or parcels that are delayed or not delivered. For tracking information contact Australia post:


Add to my Order - How can I add to an order?

If you would like to add something to an order you have just or recently placed you can place a new order and use the postal option Add to my order. Before selecting this option check your original order status online. If your order is on hold / pick / pending pickup then you can place a new order using Add to my order and list your current order number in the delivery comments of the new order.


Save my Order as a Quote - How can I save an order as a quote?

To save your order as a quote, open the cart, select View Carton the View Cart screen under heading Shopping Cart you should see an option to Create Quote From Cart. Click on this to create a quote, once you have completed the required details click on Confirm and Process Quote.