Metal Allergies

Author: Lynda Taylor   Date Posted:4 November 2015 

Many of our customers have concerns about metal allergies. Lynda is also a metal allergy sufferer. Metal allergies are very commonly due to particular metal additives: lead, nickel and cadmium. To reduce the likelihood of metal allergy Lynda sources metal findings, chain and other items that are lead, nickel and cadmium free.  We also stock TierraCast findings which are made from pewter and have met the highest non-allergenic standard, the European standard.

All silver and silver plated items will tarnish if not cleaned and stored properly. Tarnish is a result of chemicals in the air; products such as moisturiser, hairspray and perfume; and our own skin oils.

To prevent tarnish:
Put your jewellery on last, after the moisturiser, hairspray, perfume etc
Wipe jewellery with a soft cloth after use
Store silver and silver plated jewellery in a zip lock bag, for added protection place an anti-tarnish strip in the bag.

Plating erosion
The chemical composition of some people's skin is such that it eats away the coating on plated metal. One product that assists is jewellery shield. When painted on to metal it forms a protective coating which helps protect the jewellery from skin chemicals.

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