Beading for children - just for fun or is it a good learning opportunity?

Author: Denise Taylor Dip Tch, MEd   Date Posted:31 May 2016 

Beading is great fun for children of all ages. It provides an opportunity to develop and display their creativity. It is also an activity that provides relaxation and a break away from hectic lifestyles. While engaging in this fun activity children are also learning or further developing a number of important skills including:

  • Design - Selecting beads and colours and laying them out to form a design is part of every beading project, it develops design skills and confidence
  • Hand eye co-ordination -Threading beads onto jewellery wire or elastic and using tools to open and close jump rings or curl wire to form loops develops hand eye coordination
  • Patterning - Creating necklaces or bracelets often involves creating a pattern of beads and repeating is multiple times, this develops patterning skills
  • Colour matching and coordination - Beading involves effective use of colour, selecting beads of the same colour or colour group or colours that coordinate
  • Counting - Beading involves counting to create patterns or to re-create designs
  • Measurement - Many beading projects require measuring skills, for example to ensure correct necklace or bracelet length or to create a consistent sized loop
  • Estimation - When designing a project estimation skills are used to create a first attempt or to estimate the length required
  • Visual memory and repetition - When creating an intricately patterned project visual memory skills are used to repeat patterns. Visual memory skills are also used when designing a project based on something seen on someone, in a magazine or on the web

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