Facebook Friday - Seed Bead September 2020 #2 - Pebble Beaded Bead

Author: Lynda Taylor   Date Posted:11 September 2020 

This week Lynda is back with a quick self supporting beaded bead project using only 3 beads!

This fun Pebble Bead piece uses 2 hole beads - Nib Bits and Rulla's and is a simple project if you have not worked with two hole beads before.

A printed pattern and beads to use in this are available in our Seed Bead September 2020 Project Box or you can download the pattern here

(You may need to turn the volume up a little - I am still working on getting the microphone balance right - and as you will see remembering it is there so I don't bump my head on it)

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Pebble beaded bead

By: on 25 September 2020
Thanks for the great pattern

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