Spiderweb Jasper / Net Jasper

Spider Web Jasper (Net Jasper) is a beautiful black and white stone that will make you instantly think that a spider has woven lines of web all over it. It’s a stone that boasts of beauty and healing properties that speak about interconnectedness to the universe, and all its vibrations and processes. The healing presence that Spiderweb Jasper possesses will help align and balance your being.

Aside from its rejuvenating properties, Spiderweb Jasper is also a stone that will give you plenty of protective energies. It will help drive away evil, negativity, and bad vibrations.It will guard you against the negativity of other people so that you will not be influenced by them. Spiderweb Jasper will bring you energies of relaxation and gentleness. It’s a stone that’s known to enhance your ability to slow down and relax.

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