Banjos Bead Challenge

We are entering a period of unchartered territory with social isolation and in all of this craziness we feel that there needs to be some time for fun as well.
So we are launching a bead challenge, it is time to raid your bead stash, starting designing and creating jewellery. If distracting yourself with creating is not enticing enough we are offering prizes for the best entries in each category.
There are four areas for competition are:
Earrings & Pendants – hand sewn
Earrings & Pendants – not hand sewn
Bracelets & Necklaces – hand sewn
Bracelets & Necklaces – not hand sewn
To enter all you need to do is create pieces for 1 or more areas, photograph them showing clearly the front, back and other views of your choosing and submit your photos to using The photos will be published to Banjos Instagram and Facebook once entries have closed and judging has commenced.
All of the submissions will be judged by a panel of 3 judges, Neva Brown (Nifty Creations), Paula Gething (On a String) & Lynda Taylor (Banjos Bead House).
So if you are up for the challenge, get your beads ready and go, submissions are due in by April 19 2020.
We have also created a Facebook group where you can share progress pics and chat about your designs - feel free to join.